1971 Dodge Challenger 383 Vintage Road Test


1971 Dodge Challenger 383 Vintage Road Test with Bud Lindemann. Wow!


Posted on YouTube By: MaccaIsntDead

Quotes in the Video

“If you think this 1971 Dodge Challenger 383 is hot, Your right”
“Our driver twisted this Challenger every way but loose”’
“The Hurst shifter was smooth that we thought it was mounted in butter”


1971 Dodge Challenger 383 Performance

  • 0 – 30 Mph 2.8 seconds
  • O – 45 Mph 4.7 seconds
  • 0 – 70 Mph 8 seconds
  • 30 – 0  49′
  • 50- 0   86′


Comments on YouTube

Billy C. LeWorth
I love to watch the tires turn to black powder , they just disintegrate .

71 Plymouth.
Yep,true 383 Satellite Sebring. They’re getting harder to find??? Fill me in!

My name is Kowalski, and I approve this video!

Rare car – pistol grip, 383, with A/C!

He passed away and I have no idea what happened to the car. It was a 440-4brl car, pink with a pink stripe. Kinda weird looking.

71 Plymouth
+RacerRickxx Oh… sad to hear that… Yep Mopar was the only one that had factory ordered pink,named: Panther Pink… This makes Mopars so unique. It also shows: It had something for the girls too. Hahaha.

This videos are great and hilarious at the same time. The annoucer will tell you about how the car slid into a bus from the school for the blind trying to stop. Then next min he’ll tell you the brakes were the best they have scene. LOL

marcus colvin
good especially for old shitty wheels and tires

+marcus colvin If you can talk them to tossing those wheels i’ll gladly take em .

LT Columbo
Pause it and look at the steering wheel @ 2:26. Then look at it again @ 3:46. Hmmm.. even the dash, although blurred @ 2:26 does not look right. You can also see a “gear selector” on the steering column @ 2:27. This was clearly 2 different cars… Wonder what happened..??

71 Plymouth
+Tony Blanton (TheMurlocTamer) right you got it.

Stephen Breen
Car. Scene. Investigation. 😉

Adam Trombino
That’s a real odd ball. A non R/t with R/t pieces, sans the hood. With white walls to boot…Hard to tell, is that Panther Pink or Tor Red?

Yeah it was just a regular challenger.

Adam Trombino
I think so too.. My 71 Cuda 383 auto had all the factory hd goodies and power frt discs.. It didn’t handle anywhere near that badly, brakes were fine. I will admit that i wasn’t running Polyglass tires though….


The 1971 Dodge Challenger 383

1971 Dodge Challenger 383


1971 Dodge Challenger Production

Year Variant Model Production Total
1971 I6 Hardtop 1,672 26,299
Convertible 83
V8 Hardtop 18,956
Convertible 1,774
Hardtop R/T 3,814


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