1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet – Vintage Road Test

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet – Vintage Road Test by Bud Lindemann



Watch this amazing vintage road test by Bud Lindemann of the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet. Take a look and you will agree on how great that new Mach 1 would have looked back in 1969.


Posted on YouTube by: John Doe

Here are some quotes from Bud in the Video

“New top of the line performance Mach 1”

“This little pony could be king of the corral”

“Now for 69 the cobra jets are here!”

“Ford has finally seen the light, so the race for street supremacy is on.”

“That scoop is not part of the hood, instead its anchored right to the carb and sucks big chunks of atmosphere.”

“Underneath that wind tunnel is the 428ci knuckle buster that makes it all happen.”

“They advertised it at 335hp plus 445fp torque at 3400 RPM”

“The cornering and handling of the Mach 1 in our initial trial run was great.”

“With all that power upfront you can make it do just about anything, including a fandango.”

“This car looks like it’s going 30mph before it left the line”



Comments on YouTube

I`d go back in time and buy 5 of them.

Andrew Murphy
5.9 to sixty is pretty good even for todays cars…impresive!

Model Jet Juggernaut
Bud Lindenmann is cool. I want to get me a Bud Lindemann t-shirt

Mark Dellacqua
There folks is your first factory “Shaker ” hood scoop.

Rob Oly
Got my license in 66. Ford was nowhere with street muscle cars until 1968 and the 428 CJ. Sure you could get the hot 427 Super Stock engine for around a thousand bucks, in a Galaxie unless you were one of the privileged allow to buy one of the 100 or so Fairlanes. But the GT 390 and 428 7 liter were stones, even with the dual quads and headers Shelby put on the GT500 they just weren’t quite up to the performance potential of the cheaper GTOs and SS 396s that were the big sellers. Then the 428 CJ gets new heads with decent sized exhaust ports and a new cam and at least 390 hp. And for a few hundred bucks over the standard 390 GT you could get it in any Mustang or Torino and keep up with just about any muscle car. Rare in 68, by 69 428 CJ Mustangs were out in force.

351 Charlie
Guys from around Dearborn always say “DEARBURN” I love it.

luke jackal
the porn music and sexy 1969 mustang makes for perfect fap material
Reply 1

I laugh out loud on every single brake test…on every single car… Jeezoo

Michael Cuff
Notice the low rpm. And low hp? But you really shift it at 6500 and the hp goes up alot. They advertised muscle cars like that to keep insurance costs down.

Was underrated for sure @ 335HP!

Herman Tino Herman
huge chunks of etmosphere…oh gosh…good and intertaining video.

Fred Hommel
the best looking MUSTANG ever built!!!

John Krag
You got the 428SCJ when you ordered a 3:91 or 4:30 gear. Oil cooler,LeMans rods, 1UA crankshaft. Horse power way underated

Lorenzo Maximo
Ford sandbagged the horsepower rating on the 428 Cobra Jet recent article had a Ford worker work the dino on 428 Cobra Jets stated that the 428 actually put out 428 horsepower not 335 hp. This was strictly done for insurance purposes.

Fast cars in the NHRA.




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One Response to “1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet – Vintage Road Test

  • Red Baron
    2 years ago

    Hot Rod dynoed the 428 and found it made 361HP. They claim with better plugs and headers, near 400 is possible.

    If you calculate the 1/4 mile mph (106 .64) and weight for a factory car (3600 lbs inc driver) works out to 356 CRANK. HP.

    The SS/E cars ran 120 mph….but that was under NHRA regs….ANY cam, Headers, Blueprinted motor, Cold air induction – hardly ‘factory’.

    The only way these things could make 428 HP off the show room floor is on the juice!

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