1970 Dodge Challenger RT TV Commercial

Cool 1970 Dodge Challenger RT TV Commercial

He gets pulled over by a sheriff for driving a race car within the city limits.  He explains to sheriff that it’s the new Dodge Challenger RT not a race car. The sheriff points out the race tire, racing stripe, 440 Magnum V8, and slapstick racing shifter. Ha there’s no fooling him.



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“I suppose that’s a reconverted lawn mower motor” LOL!

“careful boy , I’ll book you for sassin’ a law officer”

I had one. Awesome but dangerous.

steven simmons
What’s that doo-hickey in there boy? haha

I was lucky enough to be a Mechanic at a Dodge dealership in 69 and 70 and actually got to drive some of that stuff. You could put Hemi Heads on the 440 back then pretty cheap too. I love this car.


Run this today and watch the PC crybabies wet their pants!

Devin Tariel
He was promptly shot for sassing a peace officer.

Now you know where Buford T. Justice came from. Smokey and the Bandit for you little ones.

Lady Whirl Wind
Why sure honey. I just hop up on the hood in my hot pants. The 1970’s rocked. Things were simple and cars kicked ass.

Dak Leonardo
Now THAT’s how to make a commercial!

Mr. Cairo
J.W pepper Live and let die

I bet that is why my pop almost bought one. This commercial sounded so smoky and the bandit. he got a 71 formula 400. he said it’s cos they wouldn’t warranty the 426 4-spd….. turning into a family guy I think. The bird took me to school etc. with mom driving and well over 100k when it left the family. I have the orig. engine though lol Ya, I’m about 40 and a hoarder. my name is Z. XD

Lady Whirl Wind
This is a V8 boy and don’t you forget. Wow what a car.



1970 Dodge Challenger RT

The Challenger was Dodge’s “answer to the Mustang and Camaro.” Introduced in fall 1969 for the 1970 model year, it was one of two Chrysler E-body cars, the other being the slightly smaller Plymouth Barracuda. “Both the Challenger and Barracuda were available in a staggering number of trim and option levels” and were intended “to compete against cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang, and to do it while offering virtually every engine in Chrysler’s inventory.”

Chrysler intended the new 1970 Dodge as “the most potent ponycar ever,” and positioned it “to compete against the Mercury Cougar and Pontiac Firebird.” The Barracuda was intended to compete in the marketplace with the Mustang and Camaro/Firebird, while the Dodge was to be positioned against the Cougar” and other more luxury-type muscle cars.

The wheelbase, at 110 inches (2,794 mm), was two inches longer than the Barracuda, and the Dodge differed substantially from the Plymouth in its outer sheet metal. Air conditioning and a rear window defogger were optional. Exterior design was done by Carl Cameron, who also did the exterior for the 1966 Dodge Charger.  Although the Challenger was well received by the public (with 76,935 produced for the 1970 model year), it was criticized by the press, and the pony car segment was already declining by the time the Challenger arrived. Sales fell dramatically after 1970, and though sales rose for the 1973 model year with over 27,800 cars being sold, Challenger production ceased midway through the 1974 model year. A total of 165,437 Challengers were sold over this generation’s lifespan.




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