1969 Plymouth Road Runner and GTX Dealer Promo Film

Watch this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, GTX, Satellite and Belvedere Dealer Promo Film.


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A perfect launch, a new Satellite in orbit. The Sport Satellite 4 door sedan a brand-new kind of Plymouth.

1969 Plymouth Satellite Advertisement

1969 Plymouth Satellite Advertisement


It has a beautiful interior and plenty of appeal. That’s not all. Here is another high-flying model for 1969, the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner convertible. “Beep beep” It joins the hot cars in this class. “Beep beep.”  So for 69 Plymouth’s Belvedere line consists of the performance cars, GTX and Road Runner plus the Sport Satellite, Satellite and Belvedere. All with 116” wheelbases. Plymouth offers 3 spacious Belvedere Station Wagons too. This luxuries Sport Satellite Wagon in three seats and two seat models. The beautiful Satellite Wagon in three seats and two seat models. And, the rugged two seat Belvedere. All have big 117” wheelbases.

There are three distinctive grills in the Belvedere line up. This is the 1969 Plymouth Road Runners new grill, with dark argent paint treatment. The Satellite and Belvedere are different. It has two horizontal bars without the paint treatment. The GTX and Sport Satellite have a single horizontal bar insert and large identity letters. Headlights are framed with dark argent borders. All Plymouth Belvedere models have new rear styling. Rear fenders are angled and swept back for an action look. This GTX and Sport Satellite have special trim across the rear deck that identifies them as top of the line cars. Every 2-door model resembles this GTX. Modern slopping roof, contoured body lines, firm stance. Dark lower body area and reflective stripes are strictly GTX.

“These GTX letters are really grove, they’re powerful”
“GTX is a powerful car, it’s the boss of the supercars”

Fact is GTX overpowered all other supercars to win first place in 1968 Pure Oil performance trials for sheer acceleration. GTX beat Chevelle SS, Fairlane Torino GT, Pontiac GTO and all the rest. Here is why GTX is boss. The 375 horsepower Super Commando 440 V8 is standard. The biggest engine in its class. Produces 480-pound feet of torque. That’s what tears a car away from a standing start and keeps it moving away from the others.

1969 Plymouth Road Runner Air Grabber

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Air Grabber

What’s this air grabber? That’s a cool air intake for the carburetor.

Cool air more dense than warm air in the engine compartment, so it gives the engine more power when it’s warmed up. It acts as a power booster for competition driving. The air grabber takes in cool air from above through these scoops on top of the hood. A handy control lets the driver open and close it from inside. It is standard with the Hemi engine, it’s optional with the GTX 440 and optional on the Road Runner. Where we give it a Coyote Duster decal.

“Beep Beep that’s great”

The GTX is a special car and gets special standard equipment. Like the torqueflite automatic, Hemi suspension with front anti-sway bar and heavy-duty shock absorbers. Heavy Duty Brakes, wide wheel rims, wide-boot red streak tires and 150 mph speedometer among other things. Now the GTX and the Road Runner buyer can get a new Super Track Pack Option, with a 440 or Hemi. It includes a heavy-duty 4 speed manual transmission, Hurst shift linkage, 4.10 ratio, sure-grip rear axle, high-performance cooling system, dual breakers, Hemi suspension and power disc brakes.

“This performance package, music to the ears of the competition crowd.”

“It’s what makes them go.”


1969 Plymouth GTX

1969 Plymouth GTX

“Believe me”   “I Believe”

Also new is the Track Pak Option for the 426 Hemi or the 440. It’s the same as the Super Tack Pack except that a 3.54 axle ratio replaces the 4.10 ratio and it does not include power disc brakes. The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner standard engine is this 335 horsepower 383 cubic inch v8. It has a high performance camshaft, unsilenced air cleaner and dual exhaust.

“It’s already got a reputation”

“A wield one”

There are 3 new performance axle packages too. Each with a special axle ratio. All axle packages include the high-performance cooling system, sure-grip and Hemi suspension.

Suppose I just want a Belvedere with a standard V8, don’t I get a 273? That was last year. This year you get a 318. The 318 is the smallest V8 offered on any Belvedere for 69. That standard 318 V8 is a combination of economy, It’s not only more powerful than ether the Chevelle or the Fairlane standard V8. It’s been a consistent winner in mobile economy runs. Here are the Engines you can get on the Sport Satellite, Satellite and Belvedere. The 2-bbl. 383 V8 is a regular gas engine, the 4-bbl requires premium. And, you can get torqueflite or 4 on the floor with Hurst shift linkage.

“Tell me more about the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, I just love that Beep Beep horn”

1969 Plymouth Road Runner Advertisement

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Advertisement

Plymouth Road Runner started as a single model, a performance coupe and a low price. It became so popular that a 2-door hardtop was added. For 1969 we have a third model, the convertible.

“1969 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible.  It’s beautiful.”

Is it leather on the seats? It looks like leather, but it’s actually leather grain vinyl. Rich and durable, beautifully pleated. This trim is standard on the convertible and hardtop, optional on the coupe with the Décor Group. Décor Group what’s that? The Décor Group is a dress up package for the Road Runner Coup. It includes the custom vinyl trim on bench or bucket seat, Deluxe steering wheel, bright armrest bases, rear armrests and ashtrays, bright moldings on the trim panels, bright exterior molding on center pillars and bright exhaust outlets. Here is the standard trim for the road runner coupe. A durable all vinyl that’s available in two tone tan, two tone blue or black. Contoured bucket seats with luxuries pleated all vinyl trim are optional on all 1969 Plymouth Road Runners.

1969 Plymouth Road Runner

1969 Plymouth Road Runner

The Standard Sport Satellite Sedan. “Nothing less than great” An exclusive plaid trim on bench seat with folding center armrest. Now look at the best. GTX and Sport Satellite bucket seats. Pleated leather grain vinyl contoured for individual comfort. And, notice the wood grain vinyl door paneling. This all vinyl trim is standard on Satellite Convertible. Optional on the Satellite 2 door hardtop and 4 door sedan. Standard trim for the Satellite 2 door hardtop and 4 door sedan is this attractive cloth and vinyl. But, here is the big news the daring Mod-Top all vinyl trim, is a new option for the Satellite 2 Door hardtop. Blue green flowered patterned vinyl is used for the seat inserts and again in the door panels. “Groovy” But that’s not all, this matching Mod-top vinyl roof is available with a Mod Seat trim or separately and it comes with Mod -Top name plates on the rear roof pillars. You can’t miss them. “Wow” The Belvidere has an all vinyl trim for the 2-door coup and cloth and vinyl trim for the 4-door sedan. Both are good looking and durable.

“Everything’s new new from power to economy.”

“Something for everyone, huh.”

Right like this new custom position manual seat adjuster, that is optional for the driver bucket seat. In Addition to this AM radio and stereo tape player there’s a new am/fm solid state radio with a powerful five-and-a-half-watt chassis. “Swinging options for this music lover”
Everyone will appreciate the benefits of the new fiberglass belted tires up to 40% more tread life than regular tires. Up to a 100% more than wide tread tires according to tire manufactures. Better traction in all kinds of weather.

“Sounds safer too”

For breaking safety, Belvedere has a dual system with big linings standard. Power front wheel disc brakes are optional. Power brakes are up to 50% easier to use. But, if you like wheels how about a set bright road wheels with cast aluminum centers.


“I like wheels”

Actually, the Plymouth Belvedere has something for everyone. Like, there is big roominess and comfort for passengers up front and an easy to load trunk in the rear. A Plymouth Belvidere can be a family car, an economy car with an economy 6. A luxury car with a plush interior, a hot performance car with a 440 Super Track Pack and air grabber or a wild one with Mod-Top and interior to match.
For 69 Plymouth Belvedere’s have something for everyone.


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