Dodge Dealer Promo for 1970 Challenger and Charger RT

Watch the great vintage Dodge Dealer Promo film of the 1970 Challenger RT and Charger RT 



Posted on YouTube By MyMopar. com

Watching this Dodge dealer promo film make you want to run out to a Dodge dealership and purchase a Challenger or Charger. Wow! Wish it was 70’s again.


Here are some of the quotes in the video.

1970 Dodge Challenger RT

1970 Dodge Challenger RT

Dodge Challenger RT.

Here they are, 2 big winners from Scat City, Dodge Challenger RT and Dodge RT.  It looks these are the cars turn heads where ever they go. These are the cars that turn people on, however they are. But, most of all these are cars built to live up to the instant performance image they create.  These are cars built to win.


Both of these cars have a look of real going machines. And, that’s exactly what they are. Take the Challenger. Looks may not make a machine go any faster on the strip. But, I’ve seen how the young people take to stile like this. And this one has it for them. I’ve heard them talking about its short rear deck with tough looking quad exhaust tips, F70’s and the widest rear track in the pony car business. And, that long, low hood on Challenger really turns them on. And, the models, Challenger offers are exactly what they buy. 2-door hardtop, convertible and an SE hardtop. This one is my choice.  The Challenger RT also available as a 2-door hardtop, convertible and an SE hart top. 

All you have to do is get inside to see that this machine means business. Gages for everything, Gasoline, oil pressure, engine temperature, amp meter, clock and tach. Woodgrain material too.  And, no other pony car gives you as much room for people as Challenger.

Let’s get down to what makes this machine go. The standard engine is the 335 horsepower 383 4-barrel magnum. Hooked up with a fully synchronized flour mounted 3 speed stick. With just that standard equipment, you can run the quarter mile in a little over 14 seconds.


1970 Dodge Charger RT

1970 Dodge Charger RT

Charger RT

I can tell you this. The Charger RT always draws a crowd at the track. The young people make it clear. They think it’s a tough looking machine. And, they are right. From any angle it looks like it can’t wait to get moving. They really go for the big loop bumper, the black grill and the hidden headlights. They know that the Charger RT just as it comes with standard equipment. They like the big 440 Magnum and the automatic transmission. And, some of the go for the 4-speed manual with Hurst shifter.

What ever the performance buyer wants in the way of options. They can have it with the Charger RT



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