1971 Plymouth Dealer Promo Cuda vs. Ford Mustang Video



 1971 Plymouth Barracuda / Cuda vs. Ford Mustang Dealer Promo.

Wow! Watch and enjoy this video of a Plymouth dealer promotional film, comparing the 1971 Cuda and the Ford Mustang.

Quotes in Film.

“A name is not enough”
“Barracuda makes more room for people to seat and ride comfortably”
“Well it not the Mustang I’ve known but it does look sort of jazzy”
“ But Mustang hasn’t come close to marching Barracuda’s 440 6 barrel or the unbeatable Hemi”


Posted on YouTube: MyMopar. com

Comments on YouTube

CJ Colvin
In my eyes I think the Cuda is dentfully a better looking car than a mustang.

Kaleb Brown
I feel sorry for people who bought a 71 Mustang over a 71 Cuda.

Roger Molden
I’m sold, where can I get the Hemi Cuda? lol

Yodeling Yokel
“And in only 45 short years, you’ll be able to sell your ‘Cuda Convertible with the HEMI for $3,500,000. No Mustang can match it!”

Sleepy Cat Pictures
I like Mustang’s, but the ‘Cuda looks better . . .

Why didn’t I buy a couple hemi Cudas in 1971 and store them away? I’d have that beach house in Hawaii now.

Anthony Hayden
Can’t sit on that transmission hump?
I had to!!!

Kurt Decker
I would say hands down the Cuda is the best car. I feel that Ford kind of lost there way with the rear window. And the 71 Cudas was the best looking car for that year

Elwood Blues
It’s crazy to think that this video stopped being useful 44 years ago. And is again useful now, I was convinced that the Cuda is a better car than the crappy and commonplace Mustang.

Yodeling Yokel
My friend owned a 1971 Mustang. It was EXTREMELY claustrophobic.

Robert Bell
A friend of mine had a 1971 Mach 1. It was like riding in a coal mine, as it was so dark and the windows were so small. But it was cool, though. It ate transmissions regularly.

David Siebert
You guys do understand that this is made for Mopar sales people by Mopar sales people. It is totally biased. Frankly both of those cars today are very collectable.

Dave Belcarz
No comparison between a 71 Cuda and a 71 Mustang at any level. Cool video.

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