1969 Ford Cobra and Ford Torino GT TV Commercial

Watch this vintage TV commercial of the 1969 Ford Cobra and Ford Torino GT.



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Quotes in the Commercial

Cobra pure engineering. Honed and fired in the white hot of competition. All new screamer added to the line for 1969. Torino fire and flair at a Fairlane price. Big scorching Cobra 428 standard with the Cobra Jet Ram Air 428 optional. Special Cobra decals on the front fenders and lower back panel. Special blackout grill and everything else you’d expect to find on a going thing like this in the way of hardware. Competition type hold lock pins, special performance tires and suspension, with 4 on the floor standard. Cruise O’Matic optional. And, all of this available with a choose of two roof lines. Sports roof Cobra, hottest thing on the road with a price to mach.

Torino GT Sports Roof, Cobra sting with a more sophisticated flavor. Lean slick wraparound welded steel. Now available with all the action appeal of the cobra. All the stilling sophistication and luxury appeal of Torino.




1969 Ford Cobra Jet 428

1969 Ford Cobra Jet 428


1969 Ford Torino GT

1969 Ford Torino GT


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