SEMA 2017- Chip Foose reveals the Mach Foose Mustang



SEMA 2017 Video – Chip Foose reveals the Mach Foose Mustang


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Mach Foose Mustang Front

Mach Foose Mustang Front



The Mach Foose Mustang revealed at the 2017 SEMA show.

Chip Foose designed and built the Mach Foose Mustang, a highly modified 1971 Ford Mach 1 Mustang body fitted onto a modern 2011 Mustang GT chassis. At first glance it looks like a 71 mustang. But, take a closer look and you will realize there is not one part of this car that has not been modified.

The Body

Chip went all out in the design to give the mustang a more aggressive Muscle Car feel. Custom components include, tucked front and rear bumpers, 3D printed side view mirrors and custom rear lights. Highly modified longer front fenders and Hood that is hinged at the front. The quarter panels were replaced with sheet metal from a 1970 mustang. This, added more rear width to help fit the wider rear wheels and tires.

The Chassis

The 2011 chassis front wheels were moved 5 inches forward extending the 71-body wheelbase by 3 inches providing a shorter overhang. The engine bay was cleaned up and restructured with new strut towers.

The Drivetrain

The full drive train was used from a 2011 Mustang GT a Ford 5.0-liter Coyote 32V V8 engine.

The Interior

The highly modified interior from the 2011 Mustang also got the Foose touch.

Mach Foose Mustang Rear

Mach Foose Mustang Rear


  • Highly modified 1971 Mustang body.
  • 2011 Mustang GT chassis.
  • Tucked front and rear bumpers.
  • 3D printed side view mirrors.
  • Custom rear lights.
  • Highly modified longer front fenders and Hood.
  • 1970 mustang quarter panels.
  • Extending 2011 chassis.
  • Restructured engine.
  • New strut towers.
  • Ford 5.0-liter Coyote 32V V8 engine
  • 2011 Mustang GT drive train.
  • The highly modified interior


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