The Chevrolet Big Block Camshaft Part Numbers

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The Chevrolet Big Block used a variety of Cams over its production. The early production models came with either a Solid (mechanical) or Hydraulic Cam. Later year Big Block also came with Solid Roller and Hydraulic Roller Camshafts.



Identifying a Chevrolet Big Block Camshaft

Chevy Big Block Camshaft Part Number Location

The Chevy Big Block’s Camshafts can be identified by a number that is cast or stamped and is usually located in between the CAM lobes.

Chevy Cam Part Number Location

Chevy Cam Part Number Location

Chevrolet Big Block Camshaft Types

Chevrolet installed Three different types of Camshafts on the Big Block Engines. Early model Big Blocks were equipped with either Solid or Hydraulic Flat-Tappet Lifter Cams.  The Hydraulic lifter Cams were installed on standard production engines. While the flat-tappet solid lifter camshafts were installed on race, street, or marine performance applications.  Later Models also came with Roller Hydraulic Lifter Cams.

Camshaft Lobe Profile Type

Camshaft Lobe Profile Type

Visual Identification

Visually identifying the type of cam will require looking at the lifter, as the lobe profile looks similar.  Roller Cams use lifters with roller bearings on the end that rides on the cam. The Roller Cams have a flatter Cam lobe profile while Flat-tappet Cams use a pointier Cam lobe profile.


Camshaft Lifter Type

Camshaft Lifter Type

Camshaft Lift Duration Diagram

Camshaft Lift Duration Diagram

Chevrolet Big Block Camshaft Interchangeability

The Camshafts are interchangeable on most Mark IV to the Gen VI Chevy Big Block engines. The exclusions are the early 396 from 1965 to 1967 which has a channel machined on the rear journal. The reverse rotation marine engines, the 8.1L uses a different firing order, and the later Fuel injection CAMs don’t have a fuel pump drive.


Chevrolet Big Block Camshaft Part Numbers

Camshaft Part #YearApplication / Engine info


TypeLift Int.Lift Ext.Dur @ .050 lift Int.Dur @ .050 lift Ext.Lobe SeparationHot Lash Int.Hot Lash Ext.Overlap
340282 BBC Competition Short TrackSolid0.560.560.2620.262121 Deg.
35304073-74454 Corvette W/215 or 245HpHyd0.440.440.210.21110.5
874872402 w/240 or 300HpHyd0.3980.3980.1970.197113
386314365-71396 w/375 or 425HpSolid0.520.520.2420.2421140.0240.02880 Deg.
386314365-69427 w/425 or 435HpSolid0.520.520.2420.2421140.0240.02880 Deg.
386314370-71454 LS6 w/425 or 450HpSolid0.520.520.2420.2421140.0240.02880 Deg.
3874872396 w/265 or 325 hpHyd0.3980.3980.1970.197113
3874872427 w/335 hpHyd0.3980.3980.1970.197113
388398665-72396 w/350,360 or 375HpHyd0.460.4880.2130.217115
388398665-69427 w/385, 390, or 400HpHyd0.460.4880.2130.217115
388398671-72454 w/360, 365, and 390HpHyd0.460.4880.2130.217115
390436265-71396 w/375hpSolid0.520.520.2420.24280 Deg.
390436265-69427 w/425 or 435hpSolid0.520.520.2420.24280 Deg.
390436270-71454 w/450hp LS-6,Solid0.520.520.2420.24280 Deg.
392553365-69427 L-88, Reverse RotationSolid0.540.560.2620.269133 Deg
392553565-69427 L-88 or w/430 and 435Hp Standerd RotationSolid0.540.560.2620.2691140.0240.026133 Deg
3959180427 L88 Secomf Design and ZL1Solid0.560.60.2620.2731100.0220.024135 Deg
3959180454 LS7 or w/465HpSolid0.5750.6150.2620.2721100.0220.024135 Deg
3994094Tunnel Ram, Can Am or Fuel InjectionSolid0.60.60.2860.286148 Deg.
6272989BBC Street or MarineHyd0.50.50.2220.221121 Deg.
10185060BBC Street or MarineHyd0.510.510.2240.224116
12353920BBC Street or MarineHyd0.540.540.2280.228114
12353921BBC Street or MarineHyd0.4750.50.2080.218112
12353922BBC Street or MarineHyd0.50.50.2180.228114
12361314BBC TruckHyd0.4680.4850.2020.21110
1236131690-93454 SS TruckHyd0.4850.490.210.218115
12366543502 StreetHyd Roller0.5270.5440.2110.23112
1255229696502 Gen VHyd Roller0.480.4830.2040.209110
14096209BBC Street or MarineHyd0.50.50.2220.221115121 Deg.
19210721572 620HpHyd Roller0.6320.6320.2780.282112
19211722572 720HpSolid Roller0.7140.7140.2780.2821120.0240.028
24502611454HO and 502HO StreetHyd Roller0.510.540.2110.23112


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