1973 Plymouth Cuda 340 – Vintage Road Test Video With Bud Lindemann

Watch this 1973 Plymouth Cuda 340 vintage road test video with Bud Lindemann.

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1973 Plymouth Cuda Road Test

1973 Plymouth Cuda Road Test

Video Transcript

Plymouth’s number one pony car offering. In the past, It’s always been a strong performer. And while this latest version, due to government restrictions doesn’t carry the wallop of its predecessors. It’s still not too shabby a machine. Anyway, here it is. You be the judge.
This latest version of Chrysler’s pony car has received very little change. The most significant news, being the discontinuation of its six-cylinder engine. This two-door hardtop is the only body style, and there are two models. The Barracuda and our tester the CUDA.

1973 Plymouth Cuda Road Test

1973 Plymouth Cuda

Out of the hole, our 340 cubic incher produced a 0 to 30 run, in 3.6 seconds. With the tires hot, the dig was better, and ETed the 0 to 50 mile an hour run in 5.9. Emission controls retarded our acceleration runs, and when we brought the CUDA out of the hole for the third time. It took 9.8 seconds to reach 70 miles per hour.
The CUDA performed well through the pylon courses. Our car had the special performance axle package. With the sure-grip heavy-duty 3.55 rear end. The front end stuck, and the rear track well. At 45 miles per hour body lean was not excessive and recovery was good.
The car did well on the braking course. From 30 miles an hour, 39 feet. The CUDA came with power-assisted discs up front, drums in the rear. With hot brakes, the pedal started to fade. And the 50 miles an hour stop took 101 feet.

1973 Plymouth Cuda Road Test

1973 Plymouth Cuda Road Test

In high-speed panic stops, nosedive was minimal. There was considerable heat buildup. But most stops were made in a good straight line with some rear axle hop. From 70 it skidded 202 feet before the stop.
in high-speed cornering the rear end seemed light and scareish. We lacked the power to bring it through the corners with the throttle. As we did a couple of years ago.
However, stability was excellent as you can see by this action freeze. Through a difficult reverse camber turn at 70 miles an hour.
Our tester wore the F70 by 14 tires with a special suspension package that includes heavy-duty torsion bars, heavy-duty rear springs, and front and rear sway bars. With a beefier leg muscles, the ride factor is not too comfortable. But this could be sacrificed for the better handling and cornering capabilities basically.
03:40 The Barracuda is the standard version while this CUDA is the sporty performance model. Exterior cosmetics can be purchased, as an option to make both cars look very much alike. The difference for the most part lies underneath the skin.
As far as the sporty compacts go, we rated the Cuda above average. However, the standard model could be considered a better Buy.


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