1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR Vintage Road Test


1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR. Wow! Watch this cool vintage road test Video. 

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Heeyyyyyy, HAPPY TIME!

john franssen
this car was thirsty all the time

428 scj drag pack
Bring it see my 69 Mach1 428scj drag pack 12.78 @ 107.34 MPH @ Norwalk 2 summers ago. Smoked a friends 1970 Cuda 426 hemi @ Norwalk come to town and bring your coins. I don’t run for free.

robert G’Sell
Oh the quality of the era. Already a malfunctioning right brake light.

Paul Mazur
“Look Mom real louvers!!!”

Beautiful car, but for the money I could buy a Hellcat and have enough left over to buy a house.

Moonstone Knight
5:14 “It handles well in the corners.”

It has really lousy cornering by today’s standards and looks as if it’s going to flip over if driven any faster. No wonder people only ever use them for straight line drags.

That body roll also makes it look as if the chassis has a will of its own.

However one must remember what era this car was designed in. The public wanted a big, powerful engine and gas was cheap. Developing chassis that could cope with that kind of power wasn’t really needed and would have driven prices up. Safety? Ha! Cars were dangerous and that was generally accepted. In 1969 twice as many people died in car accidents than soldiers serving in Vietnam.

Richard Hoogewerf
75 HP in 5 minutes is pretty damn good. If your tires screech while braking it’s because you are locking them up. You’re doing it wrong. You can learn to threshold brake without needing abs. My car started with 500 HP, I can quickly and easily get to 750 without a full tear down. No need to touch the internal, plus still get 20 mpg. My Chevelle got about 10 mpg with only 300 HP. Shitty brakes, cornered like a boat. If your battery drains, you’ve got other issues.

Mark Eggan
Hey it’s Happy Time! 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500KR – vintage road test

Joe Di Carlo
hotchkins suspension from the factory?


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