1968 Hurst Olds Vintage Road Test

Wow! Watch this Vintage 1968 Hurst Olds Vintage Road Test Video.




1968 Hurst Olds


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Lord Apophis
I need a time machine!

charger master
Lord Apophis i remember when they were new i also remember a couple weeks ago there was a 68 olds hurst like that sitting outside in front of a shop in front of a 68 nova and now there not there now its a prius taking its spot??? how disappointing it was to me now i dont have something to look at while i go to the grocery store

Bunka Fas
5.3 sec to 60?! Jesus !

Ronald Fry
I had a ’68 442 and every mod they put on this Hurst was a great idea, particularly the rear stabilizer bars, glass tires, full race cam. Ram air came with the 442 and if you were either lucky, well connected or rich, you could get the 455 ci. The track times 0 to 60 mph @ 5.3 seconds were representative of the breed. For its time this was one mummy f-er of a fast car.

The Murloc Tamer
0-60 in 5.3!? that’s a second faster then the GT500KR and it’ll keep up with many of today’s performance cars

Moses Berkowitz
Considering the crappy tires they had in 1968, 5.3 seconds is astonishing!!!

Robert Ruis
It is indeed fast; although, they did work the engine a bit. A cam and headers makes a big difference.

Air conditioning and stereo/tape – with 500 ft/lbs of torque @ 3600 rpm. Factory headers and cam. Yes, please.

Far from stock listen to that cam.

john robert
+G-man 68′ Hurst Olds without A/C was equipped with a wild 308 duration cam. Same as the 4 speed W-30 of 66-69. With 86º overlap, it has quite a lope. The test car here had headers and eventually ran 12.61 at 110 with slicks. A stock non-a/c H/O ran 13.77 at 103.9mph. Strong cars, I had one and wish I had kept it.

jim dandy
+john robert Yes I had a friend who had a 442 with W-30 cam and it was considerably more than stock but who REALLY knows whats under the hood of ‘test’ cars?? Regardless it was equally as fast as most other muscle cars of the day and to be appreciated not compared to new cars- not sure how they arrived at their 1/4 mile times as they aren’t using a true track with lights, traps, etc

Brian Mcghee
unbelievable…. 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. lawd thats numbers of todays car’s.

tim jones
And that’s with PolyGlas tires!

They called this the corvette killer! I had two of them!

john robert
I had a non A/C 68 H/O. Awesome.

What an awesome video!

That Black Dude
13.2 at 107mph. that car was quick on those tiny 7inch tyres and it didn’t hook.

Vegeta Barrett1
WPGinterceptor yeah 12.90s all day

chris chilson
Yeah, special heads, headers and a cam in a 455 engine will do that. This one wasn’t stock.

ABB 4323
These shows are classic…love em!!

Rest in Peace,”Shifty Doc” Watson

The inverted air cleaner cover seems incongruous with the “ram air” option. This would completely defeat all the plumbing required for the latter.

RICHARD maaske
That Hurst Olds was great. It could really go fast!

13.24 in the quarter, astounding! Especially for a pretty big, relatively heavy car! Braking is just as impressive.

I had a much later 1982 Cutlass with the 4.3 (260cid) V8 and later on a 1988 Monte Carlo with the 4.3V6. Anyway, the Olds and Chevy are supposed to be on the same chassis, but I have to tell you the Olds both rode and handled so much better!

Most of my Chevy head friends look down on Hurst Olds and Pontiac, but Olds and Pontiac were way ahead of Chevy, especially in the early days of NASCAR. Olds had a high compression OHV engine in 1949, Chevy only had a 216 cid inline six.

Vegeta Barrett
Omfg this thing was ahead of its time. Awesome video man

Seth Thomas
Whats cool about these old cars is they can be made to handle quite a bit better by just doing some bolt on work Modern springs, bushings, shocks, and sway bars will do a lot for the old full body on frame cars of the 50’s-70’s. Then mounting new radial tires and rims also helps tremendously.

Steve G
13:24@107 out of the box , still good numbers by today’s standards. I sure miss those cars.


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