A1968 Chevrolet Nova SS TV Commercial

Watch this classic 1968 Chevrolet Nova SS TV Commercial.



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Commercial Transcript:

When you’ve worked long and hard for something, it’s got to be something special.
This one is the Chevy II Vova SS


1968 Chevrolet Nova SS TV Commercial - The Cover Comes Off

1968 Chevrolet Nova SS – 1968 TV Commercial

Wider tread and special suspension give it sports car handling.
Add four on the floor and the console. Then pick from the widest choice of power teams in Noah’s field for custom-made performance.


1968 Chevrolet Nova SS TV Commercial

1968 Chevy Nova SS TV Commercial


A lot of car for the money. Ask your Chevrolet dealer about Nova Super Sport.
It’s worth working for.



 Chevrolet Nova ss Green

Chevy Nova ss Green


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