1968 BUICK GS 400 TV Commercial

Watch this 1968 Buick GS 400 TV Commercial

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1668 Buick GS 400 TV Commercial

1668 Buick GS 400 TV Commercial

Video Transcript

This is Mike Fleischer Boston film distributor he talks about his 68 Buick  GS 400.  It makes you feel like a big shot.
My GS 400 shows that I’m a successful guy.  Well, I always feel that if you gotta drive you gotta get a little kick out of it.
I drive down the street, people stop and look.
I think it’s the sharpest looking car on the road today.
I Put in a very long day calling on my customers, and at the end of the day or on a weekend or something like that. If I have a nice date I like there’s a car all washed up and cleaned and ready to go.
Cuz my GS 400 is the greatest car in the whole world.
What can we add to what Mike Fletcher says Buick owners keep selling Buicks for us.


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