Pontiac V8 Cylinder Heads – Casting numbers and Specs


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Pontiac Heads Ram Air III

Ram Air III Pontiac Heads

Pontiac V8 Cylinder Heads.

Over the years Pontiac v8 Cylinder heads came in many specifications. Pontiac used different valves and combustion chamber size for their V8s to change compression ratios, fuel economy, and horsepower output. All Pontiac V8 cylinder heads from 1955 to 1976 are essentially interchangeable. Except for some special heads the bolt pattern, the bore spacing, and deck heights are the same.

Pontiac heads produced PRE 1968 used a closed combustion chamber design while heads produced from 1968 on used an open chamber. The high output heads produced by Pontiac after 1967 used bigger intake and exhaust valves and a 14-degree valve angle. These heads flow better producing more power than the heads produced pre-1967.

Looking for a performance head for your Pontiac?

There are aftermarket heads available but, If you don’t want to use aftermarket heads. Then the best option would be to choose a high output Pontiac heads produced from 1967 on. The 1962 and 1963 Super Duty engines would work well also. However, they are harder to find and like the 1967 heads, they have a closed combustion chamber.

Excluding the Ram Air IV and Ram Air V heads. From 1967 to 1979 Pontiac engines used the same pushrods, Rocker arm, and valve covers. From 1972 up Pontiac also changed the head’s exhaust crossover. Make sure to use the correct intake manifold. The Ram Air IV also has a taller intake port and the Ram Air V has Round Intake ports. These heads will also require special intake manifolds.


Pontiac V8 Heads Ram Air IV

Ram Air IV Pontiac V8 Heads

Evolution and Improvements

For 1967 Pontiac increased the valve size of the high output engines. Increasing the intake valves from 1.92” to 2.11” and the exhaust valves from 1.66 to 1.77”. They also changed the valve angle from 17 to 14 degrees. This improved port flow and overall performance.

In 1968 Pontiac heads changed from a closed chamber to an open chamber design. The new combustion chamber decreased quench area and the surface to volume ratio. The new design also improved flame propagation, increasing power, and reducing emissions.

For 1971 due to new smog requirements, Pontiac reduced the compression 8.41:1 by increasing the combustion chamber CC. The lower compression reduced emissions but, at the same time robbed the engines of their incredible power.


Ram Air V Pontiac Head

Pontiac Heads – Ram Air V Tunnel Port

High output Pontiac V8 Cylinder Heads

  • 1962 – 389 SD Code 544127
  • 1963 – 389 SD Code 543797
  • 1967 – 400 Ram Air or 428 Code 670
  • 1967 – 400 Ram Air Code 97
  • 1968 – 400 Ram Air I and 428HO Code 37” Ram Air I and
  • 1968 – 400 Ram Air II Round Port Code 96
  • 1969 – 400 Ram Air III or 350HO Code 48
  • 1969 – 400 Ram Air III Code 62
  • 1969 – 400 Ram Air IV Round Port Code 722
  • 1969 – 400 Ram Air V Tunnel Port Code 44
  • 1970 – 400 Ram Air III Code 12
  • 1970 – 400 Ram Air III Code 13
  • 1970 – 400 Ram Air IVI Code 614
  • 1970 – 455HO Code 64
  • 1971 – 455HO Code 191 – Low Compression
  • 1972 – 455HO Code 7F6 – Low Compression
  • 1973-1974 455SD Round Ports Code 16 – Low Compression


Pontiac V8 Casting Info and

Pontiac V8 Cylinder heads – Casting location and other Info

How to find the Pontiac V8 Cylinder heads casting numbers and Production date.

Casting Number

The number is usually cast at the center or the right or left exhaust port. Some heads may have the number cast below the spark plug or below the valve cover. The casting on the outside of the head was composed of 6 or 7 digits for early heads. Later heads only used the last, the last two or last 3 digits of the casting number.
From 1973 on Pontiac also stamped a secondary head code on the machined pad just below the valve cover. This code designates the heads combustion chamber size.

Date Code

The date code is usually cast lust below the valve cover. The first letter identifies the month while the last number designates the year. The numbers in the center of the code represent the production date.

Example: D052 = April 5, 1972



Pontiac V8 Heads – Casting numbers

Casting NumberSecondary ID CodeYearEngineHorsepowerOther InfoPort TypeIntake Valve SizeExhaust Valve SizeChamber (CC)
11977 to 1981301D Port1.721.5
21978301D Port1.721.5
4C1973400170, 185hp 200hp1.94 Intake Valve, Pressed StudD Port1.941.6698
4C1973400200hp2.11 Intake Valve, Pressed StudD Port2.111.6698
4C1974350155, 170hp1.94 Intake Valve, Pressed StudD Port1.941.6698
4C1974350155, 170hp1.94 Intake Valve, Screwed StudD Port1.941.6698
4C1974400175, 190hp 200hp1.94 Intake Valve, Screwed StudD Port1.941.6689
4C19744002002.11 Intake Valve, Screwed StudD Port2.111.6698
4C1974400225Hp2.11 Intake Valve, Screwed Stud, Auto TransD Port2.111.6698
4C1974455215, 2502.11 Intake Valve, Screwed StudD Port2.111.66114
4X1973400200hp2.11 Intake Valve, Pressed StudD Port2.111.6698
4X1973400230hp2.11 Intake Valve, Screwed StudD Port2.111.6698
4X1H19734552.11 Intake Valve, Pressed StudD Port2.111.66114
4X1973455215, 250hp2.11 Intake Valve, Screwed StudD Port2.111.66114
4X4H1974400200hp1.94 Intake Valve, Screwed StudD Port1.941.6698
4X7H1974400225hp2.11 Intake Valve, Screwed Stud, Auto TransD Port2.111.6698
4X3H1974400225hp2.11 Intake Valve, Screwed Stud, Manual TransD Port2.111.6698
4X1974455215, 250hp2.11 Intake Valve, Screwed StudD Port2.111.66114
5C41975350Screwed StudD Port2.111.66101
5C61975455Screwed StudD Port2.111.66124
5C71975400With Air Injection reactor, Screwed StudD Port2.111.6698
5C81975400W/O Air Injection reactor, Screwed StudD Port2.111.6698
5C91975400With Air Injection reactor, Screwed StudD Port2.111.66101
6H1975 to 1976455HOW/O AIRW/O Air Injection reactor, Screwed StudD Port2.111.66124
6S1975 to 1976400Screwed StudD Port2.111.6698
6S1975 to 1976455With Air Injection reactor, Screwed StudD Port2.111.66115
6S1976 to 1978350Screwed StudD Port2.111.6694
6X61975 to 1976455Screwed StudD Port2.111.6694
6X71975 to 1979350With Air Injection reactor, Screwed StudD Port2.111.6693
6X81975 to 1979400Large Chamber, Screwed StudD Port2.111.66101
6X41976 to 1978350Small Chamber, Screwed StudD Port2.111.6694
6X41977 to 1979400 (W72)200hpSmall Chamber, Screwed StudD Port2.111.6694
7F61972455HO300hpHO Round PortRound Port2.111.77111
7H11972350175hpD Port1.941.6680
7J21972400200hpD Port1.941.6696
7K31972400250hpD Port2.111.7796
7L41972455200hpD Port2.111.77114
7L51972455200hpD Port2.111.77114
7M41972455250hpD Port2.111.77114
7M51972455250hpD Port2.111.77114
111970350255hpD Port1.941.6680
111970400400 265hpD Port1.941.6680
121970400 Ram Air III330 to 366hpRam Air IIID Port2.111.7772
131970400330hp 350hpRam Air IIID Port2.111.7772
141968400265hpD Port1.961.6690
151968400340hpD Port1.961.6675
151970455455 360hpD Port1.961.6687
161968400335 to, 360hp400 HOD Port2.111.7772-75
161969428390hpLarge ValveD Port2.111.7772
161969428360hpSmall ValveD Port1.911.6678
161969400 Ram Air III330hp to 366hpRam Air IIID Port2.111.7772
161970400330hpLarge ValveD Port1.941.6678
161970400290hpSmall ValveD Port1.941.66108
161968 to 1969428375hp, 390hpLarge ValveD Port2.111.7772
161973 to 1974455SD290hpSD Round PortRound Port2.111.77111
171968350265hpD Port1.961.6672
181968350HO320hpHOD Port1.961.6664
221965326285hpClosed ChamberD Port1.881.660
311968400 Ram Air I335, 360hpRam Air ID Port2.111.7772
371968400 Ram Air I335, 360hpRam Air ID Port2.111.7772
441969400 Ram Air V375HPTunnel Port Ram Air VD Port2.111.7767
451969400265hpD Port1.911.6694
461969400290hpD Port1.911.6668
461969428360hpD Port1.911.6668
461973350150, 175hpD Port1.941.6696
461974350155, 170hp1.94 Intake ValveD Port1.941.6698
461974350200hp (GTO)2.11 Intake ValveD Port2.111.6689
471969350265hpD Port1.911.6672
481969350HO325hp350HOD Port2.111.7764
481969400 Ram Air III330,335,350,366hpRam Air IIID Port2.111.7772
511975455With Air Injection reactorD Port2.111.66124
611967400290hpD Port2.111.7772
611967400325, 333hp (Full-size)D Port2.111.7772
621965326250hpClosed ChamberD Port1.881.670
621968400335, 350, 360hpD Port2.111.7772-75
621969428390hpD Port2.111.7772
621969400 Ram Air III330,335,350,366hpRam Air IIID Port2.111.7772
641970455HO360, 370hp455HOD Port2.111.7787
661971455325hpD Port2.111.77114
751965389256hpClosed ChamberD Port1.881.692
761965389290, 325, 333hpClosed ChamberD Port1.921.6670
761965421338hpClosed ChamberD Port1.921.6668
771965389335, 338, 360hpClosed ChamberD Port1.921.6670
771965421356, 376hpClosed ChamberD Port1.921.6668
911966389256hpD Port1.921.6692
921966389290, 325, 333hpD Port1.921.66
921966421335, 350hpD Port1.921.66
931966389335, 360hp,D Port1.921.6668
931966421HO376hpD Port1.921.6668
941966326250hpD Port1.881.668
941971350250hpD Port1.941.6696
951966326285hpD Port1.881.6
961968400 Ram Air II340hp Firebird, 366hp GTORam Air II Round PortRound Port2.111.7771
961971400300hpD Port2.111.7796
971967400 Ram Air325, 360hpRam AirD Port2.111.7772
981971455280hpD Port1.941.66114
991971400265hpD Port1.941.6698
1401967326250hpD Port1.921.66
1411967326285hpD Port1.921.66
1421967400255, 260, 265hpD Port1.921.6690
1431967400290hp 325 and 333hpD Port1.921.6675
1431967400D Port1.921.6675
1911971455HO335hpHO, Round Port, Tall IntakeRound Port2.111.77111
1971968400290, 340hpD Port1.961.6675
2151968400350hpD Port2.111.7772-75
2161967400350hpD Port2.111.7772
2161967428350, 375hpD Port2.111.7772
2161968400330hpFirebirdD Port2.111.7772-75
2161968428375hp, 390hpD Port2.111.7772
6141970400 Ram Air IV370hpRam Air IV, Round Port, Tall Intake PortRound Port2.111.7771
6701964421320hpClosed ChamberD Port1.921.6670
6701967428360, 376hpD Port2.111.7772
6701967400 Ram Air325, 360hpRam AirD Port2.111.7772
7221969400 Ram Air IVRam Air IV Round PortRound Port2.111.7772
8341964326250hpClosed ChamberD Port1.881.670
8451964389267, 283, 303, 306hpClosed ChamberD Port1.921.6670
5354611961389D Port1.881.669
5381771959 to 1962389D Port1.881.669
5381771961 to 1962421D Port1.881.669
5403061960389D Port1.881.668
5403061963389D Port1.881.668
5403061959 to 1960421D Port1.881.668
5403061961 to 1962389SDD Port1.881.668
5403061961 to 1962421SDD Port1.881.668
5437971963389D Port1.881.672
5437971963421D Port1.881.672
5437971963389SDD Port1.881.672
5441271962389SDD Port2.021.7692
5441271961 to 1963421SDD Port2.021.7692
5482321964389215, 230, 235hpClosed ChamberD Port1.881.692
54377961963421HO353, 370hpD Port1.921.6672
97707161963421SD390, 405, 410hpSDD Port2.021.7664
97707161964389325, 330, 348hpClosed ChamberD Port1.961.6672
97707161964421HO325, 330, 348hpHO Closed ChamberD Port1.961.6672
97719801964326250hpClosed ChamberD Port1.881.670
97733451964326280hpClosed ChamberD Port1.881.6
97733451964389389ci 303, 306hpClosed ChamberD Port1.921.6670
97733451964421 421ci 320hpClosed ChamberD Port1.921.6670
97733451967400350hpD Port2.111.7772
97876711967428360, 376hpD Port2.111.7772
97876711971455HO335hpD Port2.111.77111
X1973 to 1974455SD290hpSD Round PortRound Port2.111.77111


Pontiac Head Intake Blueprinting

Pontiac Head Intake Blueprinting Specs


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