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Welcome to Wow Muscle Cars.

A website for Muscle Car enthusiasts. We are gearheads dedicated to compiling information, resources, photos, and videos relating to all American Muscle Cars.

“There’s No Replacement For Displacement”

Chevrolet Small Block Heads – Casting Numbers and Specifications

Chevrolet Small Block Heads – Casting Numbers and Specifications

Chevrolet Small Block Heads     Chevrolet Small Block Heads Combustion chamber types     Closed Chamber.      ...

1970 Pontiac Trans AM 455 Blue

Greenwich Concours D’Elegance Car Show – October 24, 2021

The Greenwich Concours D’Elegance Car and Motorcycle Show.   On Sunday, October 24, 2021, Hagerty hosted the 25th-anniversary edition of...

1970 SupperBird

Malba Field & Marine Club Car Show – Malba Queens NY 9-12-2021

Malba Field & Marine Club Car Show – Malba Queens NY 9-12-2021   Sunday, September 12, 2021 On a beautiful...

Car Show at Bay Terrace – Bayside NY August 31, 2021

  Car Show at Bay Terrace     Tuesday, August 31, 2021 As the 2021 summer is coming to an...

What are Classic American Muscle cars?

A term used for 2-door midsize high performance, affordable American cars with big V8 engines from the ’60s and ’70s. Very high-powered machines. Designed and manufactured by the Big Three (Chrysler, GM, and Ford). Racing cars that can be used on the street.

Which is the best Muscle Car?

This is a very subjective question. Are we talking about the best engine, most powerful, best performing, best handling, best looking, or the fastest car? Because everyone can have their own opinion on what “the best”, can mean. Ask this question to 20 different people and you will get 20 different answers.

The First American Muscle Car.

In the early ’60s. Pontiac wanted to market their cars to younger performance-oriented buyers. So, they decided to fit their full-size model engine into their mid-size cars. They installed the bigger 389 cubic inch engine into the Tempest they sold and marketed it as the “GTO” Package. All the other American automakers quickly followed. They also started to manufacture mid-size cars with larger engines. And so, the Muscle car era began.

Types of Muscle Cars.

In the late ’60s, at the peak of the Muscle Car Era. To attract the younger performance-minded customers. The Big Three tried to surpass each other by producing more powerful and faster cars. They came up with many models of muscle cars. They offered performance and styling packages to creating muscle car models in their Mid-Size, Compact, and Pony Car. To attract as many diverse customers as possible. They even created Full-Size Muscle Cars.

The 1964 Pontiac GTO Hardtop

First American Muscle Car - The 1964 Pontiac GTO

Show and Tell.

We would love to feature your car on our website. If you have a Classic American Muscle Car. No matter if it is a daily driver, a show winner, numbers matching stock, or full out modified, we love them all. Please email photos and information about your ride, and we will post it on our site.