1969 Plymouth GTX 440 Vintage Road Test


1969 Plymouth GTX 440 Vintage Road Test  “It ain’t no Hemi mama but its quick”


Watch this vintage video of a road test of a 1969 Plymouth GTX 440

Quotes in Video
“At high RPMs this 440 cubic incher breathes great big chunks of atmosphere”
“For a 4000 pound bomb this car leans very little and should excellent rebound and recovery”
“It ain’t no Hemi mama but its quick”

Performance: 1969 Plymouth GTX
0-30 MPH 3.2 Seconds
0-40 MPH 4.4 Seconds
0-60 MPH 7.1 Seconds
30-0 MPH 34 Feet
45-0 MPH 55 Feet


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Comments on YouTube

Pha Q
If you call a GTX a gitticks, you might be a redneck…Bob Silve

oh this one is my bag alright!  I’m off to my local Plymouth dealer right now!  Oh wait…..

charger master
icemanroyal oh wait they shut down in 2001 rip Plymouth

Michael Keegan
A lot of you fail to realize exactly what it is you’re looking at. This was shot in 1969! Back then, TIRES were the enemy, as Polyglas was all they had. Equip ANY old muscle car from that era in modern radial tires of today, and they drift less, body roll more as the tires grip better, and overall improve the handling of these 2 ton brutes. I had a 1966 Polara 500 with the 383 Magnum. I put Futura GLS radials all the way around (235/60-R15 up front and 275/50-R15 out back) and this car handled great! Sure, I coulda put Perelli P-Zero’s, but I didn’t have the cash for them. But in all of these classic films, the greasy Bias-Ply tires are always the enemies to shitty handling and crappy braking distance.

You’re right, Paul. No such thing as a C-body Super Bee. They called it a Super Bee because it was a play on the B-body name. So the name was NOT used on a C body. Though I am sure his 69 Polara convertible was awesome with a 440 under the hood!

Iman Axbert
’69 was the best looking model for sure.

karl kamphefner
69 was cool, but 67 was the best.




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